Belvedere Spa, Comune di Peccioli e Fondazione Peccioliper

Together with the Municipality of Peccioli and the Peccioli for the Art Foundation Belvedere constitutes the “Peccioli System”, a system that in the last twenty years has allowed to generate wealth, employment, environmental protection, social cohesion and to create services and infrastructures for the community.

Each component of the System plays a fundamental and complementary role and in particular Belvedere is the economic engine of this model of local development that radiates its effects, through the Municipality and the Peccioliper Foundation, thanks to the distribution on the territory of the economic value generated.


BELVEDERE S.P.A. is the economic strength of the entire system: it deals with the management of Legoli waste treatment and disposal plants, which are strategic for the entire Tuscany region, renewable energy, and research.
It provides the system with its ability to develop and manage innovative projects and the resources necessary to carry them out.

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The MUNICIPALITY OF PECCIOLI is the institutional level of the system: it works with the aim of continuing to improve the quality of life and plays the role of director and promoter of the various initiatives.
It takes care of the enhancement of the territory and urban centres by investing in infrastructures and services, to make Peccioli and its hamlets increasingly attractive for residents and tourists.



The PECCIOLIPER FOUNDATION takes care of the development of the cultural dimension, an integral part of living well: it organizes shows and events, manages museums and libraries, offers training at all levels, promotes art, collaborates with other realities at regional and national level to broaden the visibility of the territory, promotes reading and creativity.

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