Concert by Charles Rosen

In June 2007, inside the waste disposal plant, on the occasion of the ten years of activity, a piano concert was organized with music by Chopin performed by Maestro Charlers Rosen.

Conference “Use of the planet’s resources and human liberation”

The correct use of the planet’s resources was the central theme of the conference that took place at the waste disposal plant on September 29, 2008 in collaboration with ASFER (Association for the Study of the Religious Phenomenon) and which saw the participation of the Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff.
The next day was presented the premiere of the movie “Puccini and the girl” by Paolo Benvenuti..

Conference “Builders of the future”

On September 25, 2009, at the waste disposal plant, the conference entitled “Builders of the future” was held.
Builders of the future are those who, through daily administrative actions based on common sense and realism, build a solid basis for future actions in the name of governability and innovation.

Fashion Tour 2010

On July 21, 2010, the Legoli Waste Disposal and Treatment Plant was the unusual and extraordinary setting for the “Fashion Tour 2010” fashion show-event. Image gallery.

Nobel Prize in Economics 2010 – Prof. Dale Mortensen

On December 3, 2011, at the Green Triangle, the lectio magistralis of Prof. D. Mortensen (Nobel Prize for Economics 2010) was held entitled “What politics can do to increase employment”.

“A future that also passes through our territories, but also needs open minds prepared to dialogue with globalization”.

D. Mortensen


Friday 16 and Saturday 17 May 2014, – “Sport4Green Sport for innovation, for the culture of rules, for markets and models of fair and sustainable development”.
At the Legoli Waste Disposal Plant, two days of sports practices and reflections on Ethics, Green Economy, and Sport: three “faces” of the challenge for coexistence and fair and sustainable markets.

Regional waste plan

Thursday, March 26, 2015, at the Business Incubator of Peccioli, there was a debate on the theme of the Regional Waste Plan. Speakers: Renzo Macelloni mayor of Peccioli, Ivan Ferrucci leader of the PD group in the Region, Paolo Marconcini president Geofor, Simone Millozzi (representing the province given the delegation to the environment) and Annarita Bramerini regional councillor for the environment.