On April 21, 2017, at the Green Triangle of Legoli was held the presentation of the book “Noi, gli uomini di Falcone”.
An authentic story of the “second mafia war” written by the General of the Carabinieri Angiolo Pellegrini with the collaboration of the journalist Francesco Condoluci, preface by Attilio Bolzoni.
The author of the book Angiolo Pellegrini and Fabio Tommasini now Pecciolese (the “Lieutenant Thomas”) have retraced the years in which they worked in the Anticrime section in Palermo, fighting a “war on Cosa Nostra” that a handful of brave men “risked winning”. 

The following took part in the debate:
● Luigi Vicinanza, Director of “Il Tirreno”● Cristiano Marcacci, editor-in-chief of “Il Tirreno”
● Giampaolo Grassi, journalist of ANSA
● Renzo Macelloni, Mayor of Peccioli
● Simone Millozzi, Mayor of Pontedera
● Silvano Crecchi, Chairman of Belvedere S.p.A.

The artist Maria Paola Manetti read the letter of Rosaria Costa, widow of agent Vito Schifani.
The evening continued with a charity dinner, a synthesis of the culinary traditions of Tuscany and Sicily, in support of the initiative “Let’s adopt a small town hit by the earthquake”.
The voice of Tiziana Picone, accompanied on the piano by Maestro Andrea Senesi, embellished the entire event.